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Mitcheltree Brothers Logging & Lumber

Taken from Lawrence County Regional Chamber of Commerce Impact Awards

To interview Kent and Darrell Mitcheltree, partners in Mitcheltree Logging and Lumber Company and Pulaski Industrial Corporation, is to know the American Dream is alive and well. Most might not know it, but these two hard-working guys, now successful business owners and real estate investors, started out armed with only a single chainsaw, one skid loader and a family car full of smelly diesel fuel cans!

Aside from a short stint in Georgia, both Mitcheltrees are life-long residents of Lawrence County, having grown up near their grandmother’s farm in Hickory Township. It was here that Darrell picked up the logging trade while Kent worked at METCOA in Pulaski Township, a property, ironically, the brothers now own and recently developed into a multi-tenant, industrial facility.

After the passing of their grandmother, Kent and Darrell inherited the family farm and later purchased it in its entirety from their cousins. To pay for this new venture, Darrell took his former employer up on purchasing his logging business and equipment and offered his brother employment. Working for his brother was not appealing to Kent but he did offer to partner with him and the rest, as they say, is history!

The two have come a long way from their humble business beginnings and each settled into a part of the business they do best, Darrell is the company tree expert and Kent has put his sales acumen to good use buying and selling timber and logs. Once the logging end of their business got off its feet and their employees were in the woods instead of themselves, the Mitcheltrees partnered with Henry Byler in Wilmington Township in a lumber processing venture. The lumber business grew quickly, selling lumber wholesale and to local Amish furniture-makers, and it soon became clear that one large facility would make life easier.

Darrell and Kent purchased the Pulaski Auction site with acreage that now houses their 40,000 square ft. lumber business. The brothers also continued to operate the Auction every Thursday as it did in the past and a portion of the site is leased for frack water services.

Both have taken quite a shine to real estate development and own several properties throughout the region including Pulaski Township and Union Township here in Lawrence County. Their latest acquisition was the former METCOA facility that sits adjacent to their Pulaski Auction site. The Mitcheltrees, as Pulaski Industrial Corporation, purchased the 40,000 square foot facility from Paul Lynch in 2016 with the help of the Economic Development Corporation and renovated much of the interior. A portion of the building houses a division of the lumber business while the balance fully leased for other uses.

I am sure Mrs. Mitcheltree was thankful to have her family car back and we in Lawrence County are certainly appreciative of the work both Darrell and Kent have done in our community. Their work has created employment and development opportunities for people to work and businesses to grow, positively impacting those of us who work and live in Lawrence County!