Mill Work

Mill Work 2019-07-22T17:00:55-04:00

Mitcheltree Brothers Logging and Lumber have years of hands-on experience doing custom mill work for our clients with an intense focus on customer service.

For more information, contact Jeff Brocklehurst (724-699-3763) or Jordan Petronelis (724-944-7974).

We also provide local delivery for all of our custom products!

  • Surfacing – S2S – $0.25/BF
  • Straight Line Rip – S3S – $0.45/BF
  • Dressed Dimensional – S4S – $0.85/LF
  • Glue Ups – Please Call!
  • Trim/Moulding – Please Call!
  • Paneling/Flooring – Please Call!