Forestry Management. Lumber Sales. Standing Timber Purchasing. 

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Logs For Sale

Logs For Sale

Based in Western PA Mitcheltree Bros offers a wide array of high quality species to suit your needs and tastes

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Forestry & Land Management

Our forestry management staff will treat your wood lot like it’s their own.

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Custom Millwork

We have years of hands-on experience with custom millwork and are proud to provide great service.

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We offer a variety of by-products from slabwood and sawdust to Truman Premium Hardwood pellets.

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Family owned. Family managed.

Mitcheltree Brothers Logging & Lumber is a buyer of standing timber, timber land, saw logs, and hardwood lumber. Custom mill work, dried/finished lumber available. Seller of Premium Hardwood Pellets

Custom Mill Work

Mitcheltree Brothers Logging and Lumber have years of hands-on experience doing custom mill work for our clients with an intense focus on customer service.

Custom moulding, straight line rips and glue ups are just a few of the many services we can provide. We also provide local delivery for the majority of our custom products.

Log & Lumber Sales

Based in Western Pennsylvania, Mitcheltree Brothers Logging and Lumber offers a wide array of high quality species that can fill a wide variety of needs or tastes.

Being right in the heart of Appalachian hardwood country allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality wood with the best customer service in our area.

From Red and White oak veneer logs to our kiln dried products you will find Mitcheltree Brothers Logging and Lumber ready to fill your every need.

Expert Forestry Management

Mitcheltree Brothers Logging and Lumber is equipped to tailor a plan to whatever your particular needs may be.

Every lot can have a different purpose, and we have the experience to understand and develop a plan for your wood lot.

We help you to understand how your lot can be managed – that it does not have to a “one and done” situation but rather can be a steady stream of income every 5-10 years depending on the lot size.

Mitcheltree Bros. Logging & Lumber

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